Thanks for another great Quincy Area Blues Fest!

19 Jul

Hey everyone,

The weekend is over–and it looks like we survived another Quincy Area Blues Fest. We all here at the MMMWBS just wanted to tell EVERYONE-“THANKS”! Thanks be heaped on the Sponsors and Advertisers, (who came through in a tough economy). Also-thank you to the Radio, TV and Newspaper for helping us get the word out, and covering the event. Thanks to the Marion Gardner Jackson Arts Trust-you’ve been with us since the beginning-the Blues is great American ART!

And a special thanks to all the volunteers-who-without them we’d never even be able to have this event at all. Thank you to the great musicians-who poured out their hearts in the music they played, and the great entertainment that you provided us… And of course-THANK YOU-the blues fans–you are what we do this event for-you and the great Blues Artists-who we can’t make rich-but we can make them feel good about what they do–for at least one day a year, here in Quincy!

The weather was the best that we’ve ever had, and though the crowds have been larger, we feel blessed to be able to pull the event off in a very tough economy, and our hearts go out to some of the other Fests across the country that couldn’t hold their Blues Fests this year. We’ll hope that that next year can be better, and that many Fests can once again come back to life-bigger and better than ever. We hope to see everyone again next year! And thanks for your support of this event and our little all-volunteer organization. We are proud to work at accomplishing our Society’s Mission of “Keeping the Blues Alive”-they’ve never been more alive here in Quincy-Thanks all!

Notice To Fest Goers…

16 Jul

Hi folks, Just a quick update…the Park is looking good, the new fountain area is open for us to use-BUT THERE IS A CATCH–We ARE NOT allowed to put any lawn chairs on any of the new concrete fountain area in the center of the Park. This, we are told is due to the fact that this concrete is still curing, and has not been sealed yet. And though it is hard-it is still very vulnerable to having its surface scratched up-and they are concerned that a metal chair with a cap off could do damage to the surface of this new concrete. Sooo-we are asking-that no chairs go on this area-but feel free to set a blanket down and sit in this area. (And of course you can put your chairs in any of the grassy areas). How about we just consider the center of the Park “Our New Giant Dance Floor”…Weather–high Friday-77, and Sat-73 beautiful degrees….BUY YOUR ADVANCE TIX AND SAVE!!!