2010 B.I.D. Dates…

12 Mar

OK folks, I know it’s early, BUT-I know some of you are “Chompin’ at the bit”, wanting some info on the “Blues in the District”-(B.I.D.) Concert Series coming this summer to Washington Park. It’s seems to be even more of a priority this year, since we here at the MMMWBS are not holding a 2010 Quincy Area Blues Fest.

 In a effort to show our support for the desire to help the contined success of the B.I.D.-(and our Societies Mission of “helping keep the Blues Alive”), The Mid-Mississippi Muddy Water Blues Society WILL BE A MAJOR FINANCIAL SPONSOR for the final concert of the 2010 season–featuring a great past Quincy Blues Fest Performer–LARRY McCRAY! 

Also, here are the dates for this years “Blues in the District”Friday Night Free Concerts:

June 11th       June 25th      July 9th      July 23rd      August 13th      August 27th     and Sept. 10th 2010

I can thus far fill in names of performers on two dates that I’ve got leaked from my “Inside Source:

Sept. 10th–Larry McCray (sponsored by the MMMWBS) and

August 27th–Mississippi Heat returns! (great band from last year’s final show 0n 9/11/2009)

KEEP AN EYE ON THIS PAGE FOR MORE OF THE LINEUP (as I get it from my insider)

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