2010 B.I.D. Dates…

12 Mar

OK folks, I know it’s early, BUT-I know some of you are “Chompin’ at the bit”, wanting some info on the “Blues in the District”-(B.I.D.) Concert Series coming this summer to Washington Park. It’s seems to be even more of a priority this year, since we here at the MMMWBS are not holding a 2010 Quincy Area Blues Fest.

 In a effort to show our support for the desire to help the contined success of the B.I.D.-(and our Societies Mission of “helping keep the Blues Alive”), The Mid-Mississippi Muddy Water Blues Society WILL BE A MAJOR FINANCIAL SPONSOR for the final concert of the 2010 season–featuring a great past Quincy Blues Fest Performer–LARRY McCRAY! 

Also, here are the dates for this years “Blues in the District”Friday Night Free Concerts:

June 11th       June 25th      July 9th      July 23rd      August 13th      August 27th     and Sept. 10th 2010

I can thus far fill in names of performers on two dates that I’ve got leaked from my “Inside Source:

Sept. 10th–Larry McCray (sponsored by the MMMWBS) and

August 27th–Mississippi Heat returns! (great band from last year’s final show 0n 9/11/2009)

KEEP AN EYE ON THIS PAGE FOR MORE OF THE LINEUP (as I get it from my insider)

New Site! New Look Quincyblues.com!

10 Mar

Welcome to the newly updated quincyblues.com website! The Blues Society and myself  are excited to be bringing this to you-as it looks like I’ll be able to bring you even more great info on the Local and area “Blues Happenings”, as well as expanding on some other areas on this new format. I’m even going to have some new areas for you to look at–so keep an eye out in the the next few weeks, as I beging to work on tweaking things, and learning as I go. I’m not a “Computer Geek” at all…just a guy who loves the Blues, and wants to share them with the world….

A huge “Thank You” goes out to our great technical master who works “behind the big curtains here in the land of Oz”, Scott Stadler-because, without you-this site would be drying up, intead of growing up! You are the man who helps make all of this happen, and we’d like to publically thank you….Jerry D, Board Member, MMMWBS, as well as radio host, and webmaster of Quincyblues.com