Last year’s BNO, and Blues in the Schools

20 Jan

Hey Golfers, I just wanted to let everyone know that proceeds from last years event did a lot a good in our Community! Since the event last year, our Blues Music Society has made donations of $1000 each to BOTH Quincy Senior High and Quincy Notre Dame High Schools Music Programs, we’ve also helped out The Blues in the District Free Summer Concert Series, as a Corporate Sponsor for the last show of the Summer (rare for a non-profit club to do so-but we have the same interests-THE BLUES!).

AND-WE are hosting a ‘BLUES IN THE SCHOOLS” PROGRAM, FEB. 15-17TH 2011 with RICH BERRY, from Kansas City coming to educate and perform for local students! Rich will be appearing at several schools during his three-day visit to Quincy, and this is due to the Blue Note Open event. AND also the hard work by several of our anonymous dedicated members, who work tirelessly at another event, and donate the funds that they make to go towards Blues Music Education. Thanks to everyone who helps make this all happen! And also to our golfers!

ALSO-FOR TEAMS REGISTERING FOR THIS YEAR’S BLUE NOTE OPEN…We made new sign-up forms this year, and I’ve realized that the Entry Fee was accidentally omitted from some of the new forms. The Entry Fee for this year is the same as last year-$50 for each Team of four. (Sorry-no individual entry’s are allowed, as this has always been a team event).  If you need a sign up form, then email: (use @ symbol, trying to avoid spam mail). Both forms need to be filled out and mailed in to us before the event. (Though if there’s room left for more teams, we will accept additional entries on day of the event-but-do you really want to chance this?) 

The Date for the BLUE NOTE OPEN: and 1st update…

8 Jan

We have a date set for the 2011 BLUE NOTE OPEN! This years date will be SATURDAY FEBRUARY 19th 2011. If you don’t know what the BLUE NOTE OPEN IS–It’s the Blues Societies Annual INDOOR GOLF TOURNAMENT! We’ll have 9 different “Goofy Golf” holes-at nine various local  taverns, pubs or clubs. This is for TEAMS of four golfers to go out and challenge the course by surviving all nine holes. The rules are fairly simple-EVERY TEAM MUST BE EQUIPPEDWITH A MANDATORY DESIGNATED DRIVER.  EACH HOLE will have a FIVE-SHOT MAX, and if you make your hole on the fifth shot-you will get a FIVE for that hole, BUT–if you miss-you will take a SIX for the hole…. 

This is our big fundraiser for the year for the Society, and funds raised from this event will be supporting our local BLUES IN THE SCHOOL PROGRAM, and also hopefully a Blues music concert for everyone else sometime in the near future. We will be awarding a cash prize for Team and Individual Low Scores-but more than anything-we want everyone to just have a fun afternoon of indoor golf. We also encourage teams to come up with costumes for the event-we love the wild and outrageous ones-but remember-it can be hard to putt when you’re wearing Tiger Woods Black Escalade-and Elin’s chasin you with a putter! I will be getting some Team Entry forms mailed to the teams in the next week or so, and also-I’ll try to put up a online form to you to print out also.  ENTRY FEE IS $50 PER TEAM, AND-WE HAVE A LIMIT OF 75-80 TEAMS for this event-and that’s pushing it-so please register as early as you can, and keep an eye on this homepage for more details as they become available! NOTE-TEAM SIGNUP FORMS WERE MAILED OUT ON TUESDAY JAN. 17TH TO LAST YEARS TEAM CAPTAINS. ENTRY FEE IS $50 PER TEAM. If you need a sign up form, email webmaster at (use @ symbol, trying to avoid spam mail). Both sides of form needs to be filled out and mailed in.  More details to come….