Chicago Blues Legend “Magic Slim” passes away…

21 Feb

Chicago Blues Legend “Magic Slim” passes away…

Morris Holt-the Blues legend known as “Magic Slim’ has passed away just after midnight on Thursday in a Philadelphia PA hospital. Here’s a link to the story on

He was a great bluesman, recording countless records and CD’s over his career, and was always a huge draw for any festival. He will be greatly missed-but his music will live on…rest in peace “Slim”–The Blues Heaven All-Stars have been waiting for your arrival…

Also-Several other artists are going through some health issues as well. FINAS TASBY-the lead vocalist of the west coast blues all-star band-THE MANNISH BOYS has recently suffered a severe stroke recently, and is doing his best on the road to recovery. He is in great need of help with his medical expenses, and his label-DELTA GROOVE has put together an effort to try to help out. Here’s the link-please help if you can:

Guitarist KID RAMOS is also battling cancer right now also, and could use some help from the Blues Community as well. His story and info on helping him can be found here:

And last but not least, longtime sax player for ROOMFUL OF BLUES-GREG PICCOLO has recently undergone heart surgery, and is on the road to recovery. details on this can be found at

We send our heartfelt sympathy to the Holt family, and members of Magic Slim’s band-the Teardrops, and send out best wishes to our other Blues family members who are struggling with health issues.

Another Great Day Of Golfing!

10 Feb

Another Great Day Of Golfing! We survived another great year of golfing at the 2013 Blue Note Open. We had more than 70 teams play this years event-a solid group of putters.  We awarded five teams with cash prizes, just for completing 9 holes and returning their scorecards by the cutoff time. And-this year we’ve got some great pics posted on the events Facebook Page, “2013 Blue Note Open” Check it out, and post some of your pics on there as well. We’d like to thank everyone who played, as well as the bars for helping us put on such a fun event-we couldn’t do it without you! And, a big thanks to Event Chairman Chris Cowen for all of his hard work, as well as Ben Bumbry for supplying the PA, and or staff who worked all afternoon at the Casino Starlite!

The costumes were again great this year, some of those pics are up on the FB Page, and congrats to Martini’s @ 515 for winning the “Best Hole” this year (this was a close call to make-there were several outstanding holes this year).

One of the things that the Society is going to do with some of the proceeds from this event is hold a Spring Concert on MARCH 16th at THE STATE ROOM. We’re proud to be bringing MATTHEW CURRY & THE FURY to Quincy for their first appearance in town. Matthew’s an exciting young bluesman who put out a outstanding debut CD in 2011-at only 16! He’s from the Bloomington/Normal IL area, and we’re thrilled to finally be getting him in person in town (Jerry D’s been playing his CD a lot on his Sunday Morning show on 103.9 The Fox since it’s came out). This is a show that you’re not going to want to miss, and the details will be up on the Live Events page in the very near future…

And, if you’re wanting to make plans for next year, our date is almost always “the Saturday after the Super Bowl” (unless it gets a little too close to Valentine’s Day)…So-our date for 2014 will be SATURDAY FEBRUARY 8th 2014, and we hope to see you there!


9 Feb


That’s right-it’s now Saturday February 9th, and today is the day for the Annual Blue Note Open Indoor Golf event! We thought everything was totally ready-BUT-We’ve lost one of our Bars last night. If you caught the 10 O’Clock News-O’SHEA’s at 4th & Cedar had a pretty serious fire occur last night, and we’re glad that everyone got out safely. But, though we haven’t been able to talk with anyone from the establishment, it’s doubtful (from the footage that I saw) that they will be ready for today’s event.

So-we got in contact with UNCLE BOB’S at 12th & Cedar, and they said that they would be ready to go-to fill in for O’SHEA’s today…So, we have that hole covered, making it 11 holes to chose from today-to get your nine qualifying holes in.

Our thoughts are with  the folks down at O’SHEA’s for a speedy recovery from this tragic event, and hope that they can be up and running again soon. And when they are-why not go down and support them in their recovery to full business, it’s a nice old bar, that was totally remodeled, and looking great-and I’m sure will be again soon…Remember, the doors at the Starlight will be open for early entries, AND WE DO STILL HAVE ROOM FOR MORE TEAMS, (without over-crowding the event). So-COME ON IN-THE GOLFING WILL BE FINE!