A University of Iowa Student is looking for help with a BLUES FILM…

24 Mar

A University of Iowa Student is looking for help with a BLUES FILM…

As anybody can attest to, being a student is not easy.  In the University of Iowa’s MFA graduate film production program, producing an ambitious period film on a shoestring budget doesn’t come any easy…But Jesse Kreitzer wants to tell a story of a important part of BLUES HISTORY

He’s written to ask for our help to bring an important story to life…A film about the story of ALAN LOMAX. He was a very important figure in the telling of Blues History.

In 1941, a 27-year-old folklorist named Alan Lomax is sent from the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. to the segregated south to record an oral history of the blues lineage.

Equipped with 500 pounds of field recording equipment powered by his car battery, Lomax ventured on a wondrous odyssey through the Mississippi Delta and returned with the most beautiful and harrowing songs that music has ever known.

He could use some help to get this project done, and that’s where we can help…Here’s a link with this story, and you can check it out there, and help him make this project a reality, here’s the link:


Spring Concert And Membership Drive on March 16th!

8 Mar

Spring Concert And Membership Drive on March 16th!

The Blues Society is holding a Spring Concert And Membership Drive on March 16th with MATTHEW CURRY & THE FURY, at THE STATE ROOM in Quincy. The Doors open at 7:30pm , and the show is from 8pm-Midnite. Admission to this event will be by donations at the door, and throughout the evening, to help offset costs.

Matthew Curry & The Fury will be making their first appearance in Quincy, and we are happy to be able to make this event happen. He put out a red hot CD-“IF I DON’T GOT YOU” about two years ago, and it garnered him and the band a lot of praise in the Blues world-and he was only 16 at the time. He’s currently working on his second release, and is also working on graduating from high school later this spring as well. He’s planning on trying out some of his new material on folks during his appearance here in town. There are a lot of videos on YouTube of Matthew, and here’s one of his Song of the Year nominated tune “Blinded By The Darkness” with full-sized band. (I don’t believe that they’ll be bringing horns and all to town-but-this show will be hot!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tuOTcM68kA

We’d also like to try to sign up some new members, and renew some past members, to help us continue our mission of Keeping Blues music alive in our local area.

We are hoping for a full house and a great night at The State Room with Matthew and The Fury, some come join us on Saturday March 16th!

This show is a result of the recent successful fundraiser-The Blue Note Open, and we are also going to try to make plans to resume Blues in the School music education in the future as well.