A fascinating observation about Robert Johnson’s music

31 May

I’ve been swimming through the Blues e-mails, and online blues magazines, and I ran across a interesting story I thought I’d share with all of the hardcore Blues music fans, who know who Robert Johnson is, and what his music has meant to several genres of modern music. I was reading the Blues Festival e-guide,


and ran across a story that states that “we’ve been listening to Robert Johnson’s music at the wrong speed”. (NOTE: You’ll have to scroll down that page a long way to get to the story, and there’s also some good info on the Davenport IA fest on the way down the page also). This, I have found intriguing, and had to read more of, and there’s a link on there to a “guardianUK blog” that goes into this opinion, and here’s the link:


I can only say that at this time, I am fascinated, and am hoping to be able to hear Johnson’s music at this slower speed, and that we should “stay tuned” on this story, as it’s sure to stir up some great conversation…Jerry D

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