A New Blues Movie…

12 Oct

A New Blues Movie…(This is taken from Harp player and Blues Ambassador) Bob Corritore’s E-mail Newsletter):  Magic Slim and Grana Louise movie to begin filming! Production will start late this year for a film called “We Be Kings” staring veteran blues artistsMagic Slim and Grana Louise. Supporting cast are Cee Cee James, the 23 year old Jonathon “Boogie” Long from Baton Rouge, and America’s Got Talent winner Bianca Ryan. In this fictional movie Magic Slim‘s character is tooling through the upper midwest in an amplified Winnebago called “The Blues Bucket.” He’s playing for cash in Wal Mart and Target parking lots, Denny’s (free breakfast for blues), and at elementary school lunch hours. Slim’s character is haunted by the ghost of his wife and playing partner (Grana), and he’s found half dead in a parking lot by two metal heads (J Long and Bianca). All together they save the bluesman and head down Rt. 61 as the movie’s plot unfolds. To find out more about this movie click here, and here

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