Anyone interested in a Nov 6th Blues Concert?

2 Sep

Just wanting to check in with our members, and website followers…We have decided NOT to hold the BLUE NOTE DERBY this year, which would have been held on Nov. 6th at Turner Hall in Quincy. Instead, since we had no Quincy Area Blues Fest this year, we’ve thought about putting on a late fall concert on November 6th at Turner Hall instead. (We’d like to promote this at the Sept10th Blues in the District Concert). Probably 2 bands, 1 national act, and a local band. It would probably require a $10 cover charge to cover the expenses of this. Some of the Bands available to us for that date include E.C. Scott (great female vocalist), The Chicago Rhythm & Blues Kings, The Kinsey Report, Eddie Shaw, Jim Suhler & Monkeybeat (George Thorogood’s guitarists band), Maurice John Vaughan, Shirley Johnson, Michael Charles, Shawn Pittman, Byther Smith.   Others include: Rockin Jake, Sharrie Williams, Daddy Mack Blues Band, Bill Lupkin, Eric Jerardi, John Lisi, The Avey Brothers, Andrew Jr. Boy Jones, Preston Shannon, Steve “the Harp” Blues Band, and also-Bruce Katz….

 I probably shouldn’t jinx this, BUT-I think I even have an outside chance of getting “The Mahoney Brothers” together for a reunion for this event, though not yet locked down on this quite yet-though they are starting to talk about doing a few shows together in the near future….

IF we have enough interest from everyone, we can do this–BUT, only if people are willing to support this. We don’t want to have a event that loses the societies money-we still want to hold out hope for the possibility of a 2011 QABF….I’d love to hear everyone’s votes on acts, and opinions on holding a November Blues Concert…


  1. Randy and Vickie Allen says

    That sounds fabulous! Count us in as attendees! Will help promote this in any way I can. My job takes me over 5 counties, and I can flyer all over these counties.
    keep us posted on it! Will wait to hear at the next ‘blues in the district’!

  2. Randy & Irene Fish says

    Jerry, We would love to attend a Blues show Nov. 6, and could probably bring a group from Keokuk. We have forwarded your email to the Rollin’ on the River committee, so they can set the date aside. We would be happy to put up flyers, etc. in our area & help in any way we could!!

  3. Peggy says

    If I had to choose between the November 6th event and a summer QABF I would choose the summer event. We really missed the festival this summer.

  4. JerryD says

    I too chose a Fest..but we believe this is something that we’ll need to re-tool to bring back, (as to have a better chance to make it more self-supportive), I hope we can bring it back in 2011!

  5. Denise says

    I would love to go to a blues show Nov. 6th! But I’m afraid I’ll probably be out of town again. There’s a chance I’ll be gone most weekends between 9-11-10 through 12-11-10, so I’ll probably miss most things in that time period. Otherwise it sounds great!

    I’d still try to promote it but haven’t had much luck getting new people to go lately. Sorry!

  6. Missy Gilmore says

    I am interested in the Nov 6th concert as well as QABF. You know you have my support however I have not heard any of these groups. I am sure the are all very good so I will trust the experts in choosing one.

  7. Carmella says

    Nothing like a Beautiful eve kicked back with the BLUES OH and a packed cooler ….Lets do it!!!

  8. Debby Johnson says

    I would love to see a Blues concert in November! It will make the wait for the first summer concert seem shorter!

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