Forms for the 2014 BLUE NOTE OPEN

18 Jan

Here’s the forms that each team will need for the 2014 BLUE NOTE OPEN Indoor Golf Event. Click on the link for each, print them out, fill them out and enclose payment, and get them mailed in ASAP. If you don’t think that you will get them to us in time, get everything filled out, and bring these with you on the day of the event. This will help to keep things rolling smoothly, and help get your team started a little faster.

We will accept new teams on the day of the event-until we reach our capacity of teams to participate. Early mailing and payment by teams will ensure entrance into the event, and we have come close to capacity the last couple years…so don’t take a chance, get your team entered early.

Here’s a link to the forms-if your Team Captain has not already received them in the mail, or you are entering a new team…Copy and paste these links in your browser to get the forms. Let’s have a blast!


Basic Rules Form, must be signed and returned with Team Entry Form Link:


Team Entry Form Link:

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