It's Getting Closer Folks!

28 Jun

The date is approaching fast–It’s almost time for the 2009 Quincy Area Blues Fest! We are doing all we can to get everything ready-we’ve got the Entertainment lined up, we’re working with the folks at the Park-and we are very excited to show off some new additions to the Park. They are just finishing a new fountain, they’ve redone the Lincoln-Douglas Debate monument, on the 5th St. side of the park, and last year-we got the new restrooms building. Every one of these things will just add to the already great setting for this Fest.

NOTE TO OUR POTENTIAL OUT OF TOWN GUESTS–If you’ve considered, but never been to Quincy for our little fest-this would be the year to make this your first trip. Quincy is a beautiful little historic town, with some of the greatest architecture for a city this size that you’ll ever see. Our Fest is very laid back, and music is the centerpiece of this event. Our musicians love coming to Quincy, and they feel comfortable in wandering around-not being trampled by a large crowd. We’ve got plenty of shade trees, and even if it’s blazin’ hot-we always seem to get a little breeze coming thru the park-that-combined with a cold beverage, and some great music-will make things alright…We are a family friendly event, and we have affordable hotels all around the Park, and throughout town-so this can be a great affordable weekend getaway!

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