I've got some "Inside Scoop"…

23 Jan

Hey everyone! I’ve been doing a little “snoopin’ around” and I’ve found out some info about some entertainment that we can see this upcoming spring and summer….
First, I’ve got the main lineup for the “ROUND BARN BLUES FEST” (Spring edition), to be held on May 1, 2010. Headlining the event will be the former 2000 Quincy Fest headliner–RONNIE BAKER BROOKS! And before RBB, will be past BID performers-HOWARD & THE WHITE BOYS! This will be a HOT SHOW! If you’ve never been-you are missing out on a great one day fest, and I’ll pass on more info as we get closer to the event.
And also–I’ve prodded out my first tidbit concerning the 2010 “Blues in the District” info for you…Coming back by popular demand, (after they had such a great show last year), will be past BID, and Blues Fest headliners–MISSISSIPPI HEAT, to return to Washington Park on August 27th, 2010. I do know more–but I’m not ready to share that info with you just yet….For now, let’s just say we’re going to have a good year of entertainment coming this year. Keep an eye on the website for more details….

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