Notice To Fest Goers…

16 Jul

Hi folks, Just a quick update…the Park is looking good, the new fountain area is open for us to use-BUT THERE IS A CATCH–We ARE NOT allowed to put any lawn chairs on any of the new concrete fountain area in the center of the Park. This, we are told is due to the fact that this concrete is still curing, and has not been sealed yet. And though it is hard-it is still very vulnerable to having its surface scratched up-and they are concerned that a metal chair with a cap off could do damage to the surface of this new concrete. Sooo-we are asking-that no chairs go on this area-but feel free to set a blanket down and sit in this area. (And of course you can put your chairs in any of the grassy areas). How about we just consider the center of the Park “Our New Giant Dance Floor”…Weather–high Friday-77, and Sat-73 beautiful degrees….BUY YOUR ADVANCE TIX AND SAVE!!!

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