Rest in Peace John Harcher…

11 Dec

Rest in Peace John Harcher…


This message is for all of our local Blues lovers, and to the Bands that have played at our local Blues spot-The Club Tavern…I’ve learned today that John Harscher has passed away. He was the owner of The Club Tavern here in Quincy. He’s been in bad health for well over a year now, and his suffering is no more…He took a chance years ago, and started bringing Blues Artists to his little “Juke Joint”, and committed to it, and made it work. There’s been so many great bands that’s played there over the years, and a lot of great memories of John down there-enjoying what he did there.    The gang down there has worked hard to keep things going since John became unable to run things day to day, and hopefully they can continue to keep John’s legacy alive…see you in Blues Heaven John!  (And please keep supporting Live Blues at The Club Tavern).


  1. gary says

    RIP John.

    many, many thanks. there aren’t words to express my sorrow. my sympathy to his family.

    But, Hey….Juke Joint Johnny doing a little recon, setting up a new “Club” in the great beyond. catch you on the flip side, John.

  2. Mike says

    RIP John

    I bet you get to see SRV anytime you want.
    What you did was the best, bringing great blues to Quincy.

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