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22 Jan

There is a push with the Grammys to get the Blues included as a musical category. There’s 35 different category’s-and NO BLUES! Blues has been listed as a category within the genre of American Roots. The only category for Blues is Best Blues Album. WHAT?!

If these musical genuises were as intellectually gifted as they believe they are, we wouldn’t be talking about this…(No wonder why so many Artists have moved over to Europe-they’re more appreciated over there than here in the states). Ask guys like Clapton, Jagger, Mick Fleetwood if the Blues are important to music, and see what they have to say about it…”However, to not recognize Blues as it’s own unique genre of music, with it’s rich historical background, not to mention the influence Blues has had on several other genres listed at the GRAMMY website, is clear evidence of their disrespect towards this purely America art form”-taken from the Petition.

If you’d like to sign a petition from Blues Revue Magazine to the fine folks at the Grammys, cut and paste this link in your browser:

**NOTE FOR BLUE NOTE OPEN GOLFERS–INFO for this years BLUE NOTE OPEN can be found lower on this page, or on the right side of this page in the LATEST UPDATES SECTION

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