19 Feb

Well folks-today is the day! We’ll be golfing this afternoon-IF YOUR TEAM IS SIGNED UP. We are very close to capacity again this year…SO-If you still want to be involved in the event, and have your team ready to go, COME TO THE CASINO STARLIGHT EARLY AND GET SIGNED UP TO PLAY. Registration is supposed to open at 12:30, but we’re going to try to be ready to start taking care of teams hopefully around noon. We have never turned away a team yet, but there really is a number that we don’t want to exceed….

  Also-a quick update on the food options…I spoke with THE BLIND PIG, and they don’t believe that they are going to have enough staff available to man their kitchen. So don’t plan on eating there, though I’ve been told that if they do have anything available, it would be very limited in choice….

Remember, let’s have fun, be patient, and follow the basic rules. There’s a lot of teams out there-why not meet some new friends while you’re waiting to play. If there’s a huge bottleneck at the hole you’re trying to play, go find another hole or two, and try that one again later, and realize that really–it’s everybody just wanting to hang out with your team anyway-because you’re the best dressed golfers!  Good Luck, and we’ll see you all this afternoon!  “Golfing at Taverns–What a Brilliant Idea!”

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