The Course for the 2009 Blue Note Open…

4 Feb

I’ve been recieving alot of requests about the establishments participating in this years “Blue Note Open” Indoor Golf Tournament, so let me now give you the list…
Start and finishing point-“Barneys”, 17th & Broadway, THEN-(in no particular order)

  • The Club Tavern, 1023 N, 10th St.
  • Cedar Club, 2001 Cedar St.
  • Uncle Bob’s, 1301 N. 12th St.
  • Turner Hall, 926 Hampshire St.
  • Heartland Saloon, 1000 Maine St.
  • B & R’s, 339 Cedar St.
  • North Side Boat Club, 200 S. Front St.
  • North End Tavern, 1130 N. 24th St.

Remember-we have a lot of teams at this event-if you go to a hole, and it’s too busy-try another, and come back a little later. Also, please be patient, and try to work with the hole monitors, by giving them your team’s scorecard when you get to a hole-to get you in line for your turn!
And don’t forget-this is indoor (goofy) golf–we want this to first, and most of all-to be a good time-SO HAVE FUN! (And it’s still not too late to come up with some great team outfits-and try to win in that category–we love stylin’ golfers!)

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