The Date for the 2014 Blue Note Open Is Set!

12 Jan

The date for the 2014 BLUE NOTE OPEN INDOOR GOLF EVENT has been set!

We will be holding the event on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 8TH 2014, with the host establishment being the CASINO STARLITE NIGHTCLUB, AT 20TH & CEDAR IN QUINCY.

As you know, this is our indoor golf tournament (an annual fundraiser for the Blues Society). We are continuing with the CHANGES to the event that we’ve made the last couple years, and want to remind you of…
Since you have participated in the past, we thank you, and you understand how the basic premise of how the event works. BUT-this year, we’re continuing with the BIG CHANGES that we’ve implemented…

FIRST-We’ve upped the PRIZE MONEY! We are awarding $300.00 in cash prizes this year!  Three Teams will win $100 each! AND-We’re planning on having MORE THAN 9 HOLES for you this year! (To help teams complete 9 holes this year). AND-Low Scores don’t matter-(except for team bragging rights, ultimately participation does). WHAT does this mean? Please read on, I’ll explain it all to you…
To qualify to win prize money this year-here’s what your team needs to do….


At approximately 6:45pm-Blue Note Open Staff will draw out 3 Teams Scorecards, and EACH TEAM’S SCORECARD that is drawn WILL WIN $100 for each winning team! ($300 in Prizes!)

ANY QUALIFYING TEAM CAN NOW BE A WINNER! AND-we’ve added more holes to make it easier for every team to complete nine holes!

If you are interested in being involved in this year’s event, you know what you need to do…First-you need to round up your team members, and explain to them that you (now more than ever) actually has a chance to win money this year! Then, get your team’s entry fee turned in asap-we do need to know how many teams to plan for. We’d like to have your entry fee by Friday January 31st  2014. If you can’t get it in until the day of the event, you are taking a chance, because with the new rules, we’re planning on having a full event, and we might have to cut off entries if we feel we are overloading the event. (Though-we will accept additional teams-as space permits).

We do appreciate your continued participation in this event, as this is our organizations biggest fundraiser of the year.  If you have any questions, and you need to contact me, I will try to answer any question that you may have. Also, we’ll try to let know what establishments will be having food available for purchase, so your team can get a bite throughout the day.
Also included with your signup sheet, is a Basic Rules sheet, please familiarize yourself, and your teammates with these, as to assist you on the big day!  And mail your team completed entry form, and payment to: MMMWBS, PO Box 887, Quincy IL 62306

We will be getting up team forms up very soon!

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