The first results from the BLUE NOTE OPEN

20 Feb

Well golfers, we survived another year of Indoor golfing…And, I have the first results. The Winning Team was: “Team-Where’s The Beer Girl!” Consisting of Capt. Tim-leading? his team with their highest score of 25, but motivating his teamates to score better, with Eric and Blaise finishing with 24’s, and Pat anchoring the team with a low individual score of 19! That put Pat in a 4-way shootoff for low individual score. The winner of the shootoff after two intense rounds was: from Team Duck Sausage- DJ Knuffman!  Also, best golf outfits went to “Team Shankapotomus”! And in very close voting, the winner for the Best hole went to The North End Tavern

  We find every year that it’s hard to call an end to the competition, when we have teams still pouring in after the cutoff time. But we called it an end this year, by accepting our last scorecard of a team wanting to play at the Starlite hole, at just after 7pm, and after they played, we began the low individual score shootoff. I did hear of a couple bars that bottlenecked up, and held golfers longer than they cared to be at a hole. BUT-to honest with everyone, the last two years, we’ve had a team that has played the event, and one of their players doesn’t get off of work until 12:30. They sign up and begin playing between 1:00 and 1:15pm, and this was the second year in a row that they were the FIRST TEAM TO TURN IN THEIR COMPLETED SCORECARD. 

Next year, we’ll probably start the event at noon sharp, and try to have registration open at 11:30am, but we should again call it a day at 7pm at the latest. Also, we are going to ask some of our bars to come up with new holes next year, to change things up a bit. And we are also going to change up a some locations, just to make things more interesting. Please send me some of your best team and golfing pics to me and I’ll put some of them up here on  the website. Mail them, and any suggestions or comments to: webmaster at quincyblues dot com-use symbols-I’m trying to avoid more junk mail. And we’ve got other things in mind for next year, that I’ll reveal at a later date as well.  And last for now, I’m going to try to figure a way to post the scores that I have in hand, so teams can see how they faired, but that’s gonna take me a little time, so stay tuned.  A BIG THANK YOU TO STARADIO FAMILY OF STATIONS FOR YOUR NEVER-ENDING SUPPORT! ALSO THANKS GO OUT TO ZENDER ROBINSON STORMER COOKSON FUNERAL HOME FOR ONCE AGAIN PRINTING OUR SCORECARDS FOR US. AND THANKS TO THE FOLKS AT ALL OF THE ESTABLISHMENTS FOR YOUR HARD WORK AS WELL. And as always, thanks again to all of our golfers, you are great bunch, and we thank everyone who participated in this year’s Blue Note Open!

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