More Info on BOBBY RUSH Tickets for out of town guests…

22 Sep

We’d like to help our out of town guests be able to take advantage of Advance Ticket Pricing for the upcoming BOBBY RUSH appearance in Quincy IL on October 17th. You don’t have to come to Quincy in advance to come purchase your tickets…You can mail a CHECK or Money Order to The Blues Society for the Advance Ticket Price of $20 per ticket to our mailbox, and we will hold your ticket(s) at the door on the night of the show. WE NEED TO RECIEVE YOUR PAYMENT IN OUR MAILBOX BY OCTOBER 10th, to assure that we’ll get it in time to have your payment in time, and have your tickets ready for you…

PLEASE MAIL ADVANCE TICKET REQUESTS TO US-WITH PAYMENT, (and name of who’s picking them up at the door) TO:  M.M.M.W.B.S. PO Box 887, Quincy IL 62306

Then on the night of the show, we’ll have your tickets available, and have your ID available to claim your tickets…And, if your have any other questions about tickets, please call (217) 440-3393 during weekday evenings…We’d love to have a great turnout-BOBBY RUSH likes a BIG crowd! And-just a reminder, this is an 21 and over only show, and it’s going to a great night-as it’s BOBBY RUSH’s first appearance in Quincy! SEE YOU THERE!  Don’t miss-The Living Legend!

Check out more BOBBY RUSH on the Blues Society’s Facebook Page…

BIG SHOW Coming to Quincy In October!

11 Sep

The MMMWBS is thrilled to announce that arrangements have been made to bring multi-award winning Blues Entertainer of the Year, and Grammy Nominated Artist Bobby Rush to Quincy on October 17th.   He’s been entertaining crowds for decades, and it’s a very entertaining show that he puts on…His brand of Blues has been called “Folk Funk”, and his Blues are definitely funky! He’ll be playing at The Casino Starlight Room at 20th & Cedar St in Quincy IL-which is very reminiscent of many of the great old “Chitlin Circuit” rooms that Bobby has played over the decades…This will be a 21 and over show…The show runs from 8pm-Midnite, and tickets are available at Hy-Vee at 36th & Broadway in Quincy. Advance tickets will save you $5 from the door price.

Also, keep an eye on Facebook ( for a flyer for the event, and more info…

Spread the news, and make plans to see a living legend-BOBBY RUSH, coming to Quincy-one night only!

Some forms for the 2015 Blue Note Open

24 Jan

Each team of golfers will need two forms for the event-A Team Registration Form, and a Basic Rules Form…Here’s a couple links for you to use to get these forms.

Basic Rules Form, cut and paste in your browser


Team Registration Form:


These are also posted on the Facebook Page for the Blues Society, and-you can click on those links to take you right to each form, Go to Facebook, and search for  Mid-Mississippi Muddy Water Blues Society…Make plans, and we hope to see you there!